Real World Wildlife Food Plots

Real World Wildlife Products is much different than other food plot seed companies. They are hunters and land managers themselves. It's the best food plot seed out there! We carry Gen2 Soybeans, Nutri-Crave Corn, Clover/Chicory Blend, Plot Topper, Whitetail Harvest Salad, Deadly Dozen, & Forage Oat Blend. #daretocompare

Real World Wildlife Bedding & Screening

Real World Wildlife Products was the first company to introduce tall native grasses specifically developed for whitetail bedding cover/Screening to the market. Real World Switchgrass was designed to be the best whitetail bedding cover that you can plant. Real World Giant Miscanthus is different than other miscanthus varieties. It is a patented Miscanthus cultivar that grows over 12ft tall, and has excellent winter standabilty. Excellent for screening food plots & roadways. When it comes to grasses for whitetails, Real World Wildlife Products is the gold standard with the track record to prove it. #daretocompare

Bare Root Trees

We also offer a variety of soft mast, hard mast, & evergreen bare root trees & shrubs, for improved animal habitat! Get in touch with us in the winter to place your spring order!