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Ape Canyon Oufitters 8mm Oplux Linemans/Tether System

Ape Canyon Oufitters 8mm Oplux Linemans/Tether System

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Ape Canyon Oufitters 8mm Oplux Linemans/Tether System

Looking for the simplest, and lightest saddle hunting tether/lineman’s belt available? Look no further. Oplux has quickly become the rope of choice for serious saddle hunters that demand the most from their gear. High-strength, cut-resistant Spectra fibers in the core combined with a unique blended Technora sheath give Oplux unmatched power in the most compact package.  

Included is an 9′ rope with a CNC sewn termination, 12″ TRC Prusik Loop, and a Omega Pacific carabiner. Works with Kong Duck Ascender.

TRC Prusik Loop: Compact form and lightweight functionality, this continuous loop is sewn together providing more strength than a knot. Clear tubing allows for easy inspection and protects the stitching. Manufacturer recommended Prusik cord for OpLux, this 6mm specialty cord by Sterling features a durable Technora sheath and a nylon core.

System Weight: 8.4 oz

SWL: 300 lbf.

Due to safety regulations, tree saddles, climbing sticks, ropes, ascenders, and safety harnesses cannot be returned, ensuring your continued safety on every hunt.

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