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Bare Root Conifer Trees (2 Year Transplants)

Bare Root Conifer Trees (2 Year Transplants)

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Trees are in stock! Once quantities are gone we will not have any more trees till preordering again next spring!


Different Kinds of Conifer Trees...

The Eastern White Pine

is a fast-growing evergreen, hardy and adaptable to many soil types. The soft, wispy needles are clustered in groups of 5. With sticky aromatic buds, this pine emits a pleasant scent, particularly after the rain. The young bark is smooth and silvery, maturing to dark grayish-brown with broad ridges and deep furrows. Popular for the home landscape, as well as reforestation projects.

The Norway Spruce

is a true northwoods giant that can reach heights of 90+ feet. This conifer has the same conical shape as the White Spruce, but exhibits its signature drooping branches as it matures. This fast growing evergreen has dark green color with short, shiny and stiff needles. A common choice for windbreaks since its strong and flexible form can withstand winds over 100mph. The Norway Spruce tolerates dry locations better than other spruces, but prefers loamy, well-drained locations. This tree is very adaptable to most conditions and naturally deer resistant.

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