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Bear X EZ Crossbow Silent Cocking Crank

Bear X EZ Crossbow Silent Cocking Crank

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The BearX Silent Cocking Crank was designed to provide you with an easy on/off crossbow cocking and decocking solution. This user-friendly crank reduces the draw weight by 85% easing the amount of strength required to silently cock or decock your BearX crossbow. The Silent Cocking Crank's allows archers to safely disengage the crossbow at the end of your hunt with the decocking capabilities. The crank includes an adaptor for all BearX AR style and Intense style stocks along with 3 different crank inserts properly sized to fit most BearX crossbow model rails.


    Compatible with the following BearX models: Intense, Trance, Domain, Constrictor LT, Constrictor Pro, and Impact CDXV
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