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Latitude 8mm Linemans Rope

Latitude 8mm Linemans Rope

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The first 8mm ropes on the market developed from the ground up specifically for the rigors of saddle hunting. Designed to deliver maximum strength, durability, and water resistance in the most compact package, the VAPOR LINE 8mm Lineman packs incredibly small, includes 2 premium carabiners, and is rigged for single-handed operation out of the package so you can minimize bulk without sacrificing safety. 

VAPOR LINE 8mm ropes feature a core built from a proprietary blend of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (commonly referred to as Amsteel) that is pound-for-pound stronger than steel and impervious to water absorption and floats. The exterior is constructed of a tightly woven, high-tenacity, 100% polyester sheath, providing both high UV and abrasion resistance and naturally hydrophobic characteristics.   

VAPOR LINE 8mm ropes are manufactured in the USA and third-party tested for minimum breaking strength, elongation, diameter, and knot-ability according to Cordage Institute (CI) 1801-07 standards referenced by ASTM 2116 for low stretch and static kernmantle life safety rope.

Due to safety regulations, tree saddles, climbing sticks, ropes, ascenders, and safety harnesses cannot be returned, ensuring your continued safety on every hunt.

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