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Out On A Limb Slick Rick One Stick

Out On A Limb Slick Rick One Stick

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Comes with harken cam cleat, 3/16 full bury amsteel rope, and 3 step aider

The Slick Rick One-Stick

The Slick Rick is the first one-stick to be equipped with both a folding top and folding bottom platform for incredible packability. Just like the Big BOB one-stick, the Slick Rick utilizes an adjustable top platform to give the user the most comfortable hunt possible. The Slick Rick also includes an attached pull up cable, optimum for an efficient climb. 

Slick Rick One-Stick Specs

  • Weight with Harken and rope - 4.2 lbs
  • Stick Length: 16" 
  • (4) Teflon Washers for smooth, quiet adjustment and packability
  • Adjustable Top: 20 Degrees of Adjustment
  • Width of top platform: 13"
  • Depth of top platform: 8"
  • Width of bottom platform step: 9 5/8"
  • Depth of bottom platform step: 6"
  • Depth to post: 4.5"
  • Folded total length 22 5/16
  • Folded total height 2 3/4

Due to safety regulations, tree saddles, climbing sticks, platforms, ropes, ascenders, and safety harnesses cannot be returned, ensuring your continued safety on every hunt.

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