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Rambo Pursuit 2.0 Orange Step Through/Grey Full Frame E-Bike

Rambo Pursuit 2.0 Orange Step Through/Grey Full Frame E-Bike


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The Rambo Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru is a great choice if you’re looking for a step up from the Rambo Savage and enjoy the easy on and off of a Step Thru frame. The Step Thru frame accommodates a large range of rider sizes and is generally easier for small frame people to handle. The most notable upgrades when comparing the Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru to the Savage is the addition of a torque sensing motor, dual battery capability for extreme range, front suspension, a custom designed frame to encase the battery, anti-puncture tires, and the fenders, headlight, and taillight are all included. If you are looking for a bike with these upgrades, that still won’t break the bank then the Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru is made for you. The Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru comes in two colors: Orange/Matte Black and Navy Blue/Neon Green.

The Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru bike is equipped with the torque sensing, smooth, powerful, and whisper quiet Rambo High Torque RTR1000TS motor. This motor is a climbing machine and features an integrated speed sensor. The RTR1000TS has a peak rating of 1000W and nominal power of 750W. The RTR1000TS mid drive motor has a massive 110 N.m. of torque for hill climbing power and acceleration. Don’t be fooled by other E-Bike companies using inferior motors to keep their price down. Many claim to use1000W motors but only provide 55 N.m. of Torque. Torque equals Climbing Power, not wattage!  Some motors are unnecessarily loud while some are whisper quiet. Some of the most expensive bikes sold have loud motors. Make sure you buy a bike that has a motor that aligns with your mission. Learn about the different types of motors and the pros and cons of each.

The Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru allows the rider to use throttle power only for greater control and flexibility, power assist mode, or remove the throttle altogether if local laws require this. The 48V LG15Ah battery, provides riders with up to 60 miles of range on a single charge and a whopping 116 miles of range when using the dual battery option! (See range chart below for more information). Not all E-Bike battery brands are created equal. So don’t take the chance of using an off-brand battery.

The bike features a sturdy high quality 6061 aluminum frame that can withstand the rigors of off-road riding. The frame is designed to be both lightweight and durable, making it easy to maneuver on rough terrain while providing plenty of stability and support. The 4-inch-wide anti-puncture tires provide excellent traction on loose dirt, sand, and snow yet still a good option for on-road use because of its quiet tread design. This makes the bike well-suited for off-road adventure, as well as for commuting in areas with rough terrain or inclement weather.

The Pursuit 2.0 Step Thru comes equipped with a Shimano Altus 8 speed drivetrain, allowing riders to easily adjust their speed and power output to match the terrain. This makes it easy to climb hills and navigate rough trails without getting bogged down. There is a large difference in climbing power using an 8 speed mid-drive powered bike vs using an 8 speed powered with a hub motor. Educate yourself before buying if climbing power is important to your mission.

A bike built with high end components that isn’t high end priced. Take one for a test ride today! If you’re a rider that wants this level of performance prefers the look and feel of a full frame bike, be sure to check out the Rambo Pursuit 2.0 Full Frame model as well!  

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