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Real World Upland Game Blend 25lb 1 Acre

Real World Upland Game Blend 25lb 1 Acre


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25 lb. Bag = 1 Acre

For those land managers looking to attract more than just deer to their plots, Real World offers our “Upland Game Blend”. This mix contains sunflowers, soybeans, sorghum and millet. It is a great product for attracting pheasants, quail, turkeys, rabbits, song birds and a wide variety of wildlife. It is also a great product for deer and can be used to create edges in other plots or diversify your plantings to provide a wider variety of food sources for the game on your property.


Upland Game Blend – planting instructions

Planting Date – Plant Real Worlds Upland Game Blend in the late spring or early summer, the same time you would plant soybeans.

Site Prep – Start by spraying your plot in the spring to kill any vegetation. When it is time to plant prepare a good seedbed by disking or tilling the ground so that it is primarily free of bigger dirt-clods. The soil does not need to be worked into a power-fine consistency but just free of large clods.

Planting – Due to the different sizes of seed within the Upland Game Blend, broadcasting the seed is the only good way to plant it. After broadcasting the seed onto the worked ground, cover it by dragging the plot or disking it very lightly. The goal is to get the seed covered with about 1-inch of soil. Make sure the seed is not more than 1 ½ inches deep. If some of the seed is exposed on top of the ground, it can still grow as long as it gets adequate moisture.

Note – Due to the variety of plant species within the Upland Game Blend there is no herbicide that can be sprayed on the plot. A few weeds within a plot of Upland Game Blend is not a big deal as deer will browse on most weed species to some degree and weed seeds provide good food for birds.

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