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Tethrd 8mm Linemans Rope

Tethrd 8mm Linemans Rope

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The Lineman Belt is one of the most important pieces of kit in your arsenal. The Lineman Belt safely connects you to the tree while you climb, to help reduce the risk of a fall.

Spliced eyes also reduce the weight and bulk of the rope by eliminating big knots.

We like to girth hitch our ropes to a lineman loop on the side of the saddle.

The 8mm Lineman Belt includes 8′ rope with one 5″ factory-spliced eye, 1 ultra lite carabiner, and prusik cord.

Weight: 5.6 ounces
Strength: 9,000 lbs
Size: 8mm x 8′ double braid, DynaLite™ Core
Loop: 5″ Factory-spliced eye
Color: Ranger Green/Orange

Due to safety regulations, tree saddles, climbing sticks, platforms, ropes, ascenders, and safety harnesses cannot be returned, ensuring your continued safety on every hunt.

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