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WildCountry Ropeman 4 Ascender Trophyline

WildCountry Ropeman 4 Ascender Trophyline

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The Ropeman 4 is the latest, innovative evolution of the original Wild Country ascender. This compact rope clamp covers a wide range of technical applications, including emergency rescue, self-rescue, ascending, self-belay and positioning lanyard adjustment. The new, improved side plate grooved closure mechanism prevents lateral sideplate opening when ascending a rope, and ensures that no rope gets stuck between the sideplate and the cam, making it more efficient and safer than comparable devices.

Made from lightweight, strong aluminium alloy and designed to work with a wide range of rope diameters, it also works with flat and tubular webbing slings and is compatible with HMS and oval carabiners. The ample cylinder hole design allows full rotation of the device around the carabiner.

The strong stainless steel wire is covered with a durable plastic sheath for safe and easy handling. The Ropeman 4’s small, lightweight design makes it easy to carry one on your harness at all times. An essential piece of gear for all vertical adventures.

  • Rope diameter range: 8-13mm
  • Spring-loaded side plate for easy closure
  • Closure mechanism prevents lateral sideplate opening (the grooved sideplate locks directly into the cylinder
  • High strength stainless steel axle
  • Stainless steel wire (2kN tested) with plastic sheath for safe handling
  • Compatible with ropes following EN892 standard
  • Compatible with HMS and Oval carabiners (EN 12275)
  • Certification mountaineering: EN 567, UIAA 126
  • Certification work safety: EN 12841

Due to safety regulations, tree saddles, climbing sticks, platforms, ropes, ascenders, and safety harnesses cannot be returned, ensuring your continued safety on every hunt.

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